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Entry Tips

Remember, your submission is a document to sell your workplace happiness story to the assessors and jury. Make it interesting and easy to read:

  • Write Your Entries Offline
    Write your entries offline, so that you have a permanent record of them.  It will then take just a few minutes to submit them through our online submission system.  Don't write your entries on the fly online - if something goes wrong with your computer or there's a momentary glitch in our online system, your work may be lost.

  • Include Supporting Materials and Links
    Attaching supporting files or web URLs to your entries is optional and could consist of independent information or data, extracts from analysts’ reports, testimonials or press articles, graphics etc. to support your entry. Please do make sure this supporting information is succinct and clear. Video submissions are also optional but will help our assessors significantly in terms of visualizing the use case and understanding the innovation and user benefits. 

  • Focus on Achievements During the Eligibility Period
    Submitted programs/initiatives must be planned and implemented within at least twelve months period from date of application. While your entries may make reference to achievements from before this period, they should focus extensively on achievements during the eligibility period.  The assessors will not give high scores to your entries if they don't.

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