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Eligibility and Application Process

To participate in the Happiness @ Work Award, you are required to register your organization by completing the secure online registration form. Registration is an automated process which enables immediate access to award base containing the Entry Form, once registered you can login at any time:


1. The application process is open to 3 stakeholder categories: (a) Public bodies, (b) Private bodies, and (c) Civil society.


For the purpose of the Award, the 3 stakeholder categories are defined as follows:


a. Public bodies are defined as (i) substantial legal public entities, i.e. public institutions with legal personality, below the level of central government (e.g. regions; cities; local authorities, public universities and research institutes) or (ii) associations of substantial legal public entities, i.e. umbrella organizations based on membership and representatives of sub-national public legal entities.


b. Private bodies: Given that applicants can be substantially different in size, a distinction is being made between:


  • Small or medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) enterprises which (i) engage in an economic activity (including self-employed persons and family businesses engaged in craft or other activities, and partnerships or associations regularly engaged in an economic activity); (ii) employ fewer than 250 persons (expressed in ‘annual working units’)

  • Large Enterprises, all enterprises which do not qualify as a small or medium-sized enterprise.

  • Civil Society/‘Non-profit organizations’’, i.e. entities whose members serve the general interest These entities are non-profit- making or have a legal or statutory obligation not to distribute profits to their shareholders or members.


2. Submitted programs must be planned and implemented within at least Twelve Months' period from date of application


3.  You Can Submit One Entry to 4 Categories Maximum. Each entry will be judged separately. Entries submitted
in multiple categories are eligible to win multiple awards.

4. Submitted programs must address one of three dimensions of sustainable development (Environmental, Economic and Social).

We try to make your application process as simple as possible. This is to enable all organizations both large and small that are at various levels of Workplace Engagement to apply easily and effectively:



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